Hagenbeck Tierpark - Hamburgs tierisches Original

Hamburgs tierisches Original

Biotope Enclosures

© Lutz Schnier
© Uwe Wilkens
© Hagenbeck

The concept: animals ashore, in water and in caves

300 animals live in the Tropen-Aquarium, some are endangered species from the equatorial regions. In all a total of 14,300 exotic animals have found a home here in Hamburg. The round tour leads the visitor through several theme areas: the tropical and sub-tropical seas, forests and the world of caves. This combination is unique in the world. The species-specific and close-to-nature design of the enclosures together with the fascinating presentation of the animals results in the illusion for the visitor of finding themselves transported into the middle of their habitat. In the biotopes, animals whose territory would also overlap in the wild share a habitat with each other. 

The multi-storey building which has sprung up next to the zoo augments the enthralling Hagenbeck animal world with many new attractions. The visitor can wander along jungle pathways through the tropical and sub-tropical primeval forest past lively lemurs and parrots, Nile crocodiles and many other reptiles - some very poisonous. The longest poisonous snake in the world, the king cobra, can also be seen along with the green mamba and Gabon viper. Dwarf mongooses, hyraxes, fruit bats and turacos also afford a fascinating insight into the animal world. Various insects and web spinners can likewise be observed. 

The caves are noticeably cooler and damper. Visitors take themselves into a dark, underground area and experience such animals as bats and emperor scorpions. In the adventure aquarium the visitor is "immersed" in the fascinating underwater world of the tropical seas. They can experience sharks close enough to touch. The Große Hai-Atoll alone with 1.8 million litres of water is one of the biggest pools in Europe and the concave glass is a one-off. It was produced in Japan in five pieces. Its size is enormous: 14 metres long, six metres high, 22 centimetres thick and weighing 26 tons.

Visitors are struck by the unbelievable multiplicity of colours and forms of the living coral reef.

The multitude of fresh and salt water pools are home to red lion fish, moray eels, unusual schooling fish and rarities of the aquatic habitat. 

© Hagenbeck

Großes Hai-Atoll

Anyone who’s ever dreamt of exploring the fascinating world beneath the South Seas will be in their element. Captivate your guests by taking them on a trip to the bottom of the ocean and meet the reef sharks as they glide majestically through the water – so close you could almost touch them.

Holding 1.8 million litres of water, this is one of Europe’s largest aquarium tanks. Weighing 26 tonnes, the glass panel is 14 metres long, six metres high and 22 centimetres thick. Delve into the mysteries of the underwater world. Show fi lm premieres on a 4 x 4-metre screen, give perfect presentations with a digital projector and background music, and organise seminars and roadshows quickly and professionally on the stage. And for those who are looking for an exciting opportunity to observe fascinating animals at close quarters, what could be better than an extraordinary dinner with sharks?