Hagenbeck Tierpark - Hamburgs tierisches Original

Hamburgs tierisches Original

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Introducing a company soaked in tradition...

Hagenbeck – a name known to the world and the biggest recreational facility and touristattraction in Hamburg. More than a hundred years ago Carl Hagenbeck revolutionised zoo architecture, invented the art of animal training and a new form of zoological garden biology.

His modern ideas brought the company worldwide fame. At that time there were three arms to the Hagenbeck trademark: animal trading, the circus and the zoo. The circus was closed in the fifties and trading in exotic animals is no longer carried on today. But the zoo still remains with its wonderful park and its famous panoramas. 

100 years after founding the zoo, the family led enterprise again created the basis foranother mainstay of the business – by opening an all-year-round attraction in May 2007: the Adventure Aquarium with Tropical World. This new, weather-independent attraction not only offers an exciting journey through the tropics for day visitors, it also has eventing areas with the most up to date infrastructure for private functions. In the first year the Tropical Aquarium had become the new crowd puller of the north. It will contribute to conserving the long-term future of the heritage protected zoo and enhance the cultural and touristic significance of Hagenbeck. 

The complex

In the centre of Hamburg there is a zoological garden without peer. The far-ranging park extends over 25 hectares with its old trees and plants from all over the world. Authentic buildings and sculptures from Japan and Nepal bejewel the banks of the two lakes and the main entrance. Within its famous barless panoramas and open enclosures such as the African panorama live 1,850 animals. Along the 4 miles of pathways visitors can see 210 different species of animals from all continents. An eight metre high giraffe sculpture by Stephan Balkenhol, the generously mapped-out public parklandand the Nepalese temple beckon visitors from afar to an unforgettable time at Hagenbeck.

The animals 

Barbary sheep clamber nimbly over the grey rocks. The lions are dosing leisurely in the sun. The orang-utans swing happily among the branches and ropes. Every visitor will find their favourite among the Tierpark Hagenbeck animals. Some animals, such as giraffes, can be experienced close up by feeding them from a high stand. Others such as Siberian tigers are separated from the visitor by mere moats and similar natural boundaries. The keepers introduce their animals and answer the guests‘ questions. This way they can find out something interesting which they might not necessarily find in an animal encyclopaedia. Especially popular: the show feeding of the seals and walruses in the Eismeer. Another visitors’ favourite is the lively group of orang-utans. In their open air cupola, large and small apes rampage wantonly through the jungle-like enclosure. But the big star at Hagenbeck is “Shila“ one og Hagenbeck’s elephants. She came punctually into the world for the zoo‘s centenary on the 11th April 2007 in the new free-roaming hall. 



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