Hagenbeck Tierpark - Hamburgs tierisches Original

Hamburgs tierisches Original

For our younger visitors

Petting Zoo

Pygmy and Owambo goats love to have their fur rumpled. You can feed these lively animals in our petting zoo, but please make sure you give them only appropriate foods. These little goats love fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as our original Hagenbeck Animal Food.

Brown, black, white and sometimes spotted – our pygmy and Owambo goats love to have their fur rumpled. Our Petting Zoo enables you to stroke and feed these lively animals. Please make sure, however, that you give them only appropriate foods. Our animals love fresh fruit and vegetables, and also enjoy our special, healthy Hagenbeck Animal Food, which is available from the souvenir stands. Please note that pasta and sugar are poisonous to our animals! 

Feel free to spoil all our animals, except those in enclosures where feeding is expressly prohibited. The baboons and camels love an extra titbit or two. The Maras, which have the run of the park, can also be tempted by a tasty snack. For their own protection, please make sure that you give these animals only fruit, vegetables or our special Hagenbeck food. They’ll thank you for it!

Pony Rides

On fine summer days, children can explore the park on horseback. To ensure that our Shetland ponies can carry them comfortably, however, we ask that young riders weigh no more than 35 kilos. For safety reasons, all ponies are led round the park by one of our keepers. (Rides cost 1.50 € per child).

Adventure Playground

Climbing, romping and hiding are just some of the activities available to our younger visitors in our large adventure playground. The playground also features an elephant climbing frame with a slide for a trunk, a roundabout, a turntable, a suspended roundabout, and much more.

Fairyland Mini-Rail

Our Fairyland Mini-Rail is a treat for both younger and older children, as well as for the young at heart. Children under three years of age should, however, be accompanied by an adult on their journey through Fairyland. The ride is open in fine weather. (Rides cost 1.50 € per person) 

Rope Bridge 

Our 15-metre rope bridge takes you from the Dinosaur Pool right to the Orangutan House. Travelling past the dinosaurs will make you feel as though you’re exploring a primeval wilderness.